I love choirs! I'm hugely excited and thankful to announce that from 21 June 2021, I will be leading two choirs: Shildon Institute Singers and Manfield Warblers. 

Both choirs are brand new, so they're great places for new or experienced singers who want a fun and relaxed experience.

Shildon Institute Singers

Shildon Institute Singers will meet on Fridays 6pm-7pm at the fantastic Shildon Railway Institute. It's a gorgeous old building with a great history and a very nice bar called 'the Ginstitute!'


I look forward to seeing you!

We had a great social meet up there recently, with over 20 members of all ages. We talked about all the music we want to sing together - expect musicals, rock, pop and a lot of soul!


This friendly group is run on a 'pay as you feel you can' basis. There is a lot more information about the choir, the institute and what to expect on this helpful FAQs page. 

Manfield Warblers

Manfield Warblers is the result of an inspired conversation between some friends in our village pub, The Crown Inn.


When they realised that a singing coach had moved into their village, they asked me to help them turn their bright idea for a fun and relaxed village choir into a reality. 

We sing in Manfield Village Hall on Tuesdays 8pm-9pm, apart from the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

You don't have to live in Manfield to sing with us - we have members from nearby Darlington, Bishop Auckland & beyond.

The village hall is modern and accessible with plenty of parking, and is conveniently located next to The Crown Inn!

We're called the warblers because during lockdown we started singing outdoors, under a willow tree - so we're willow warblers!


Manfield Village Hall, pictured on the right, is a lovely place to sing.

20210331_195037 (1).jpg

The Manfield Willow Warblers socially distancing!

Like our sister choir Shildon Institue Singers, we're open to all and you don't need to read music to join in. We're just here for the joy of singing, and we'd love you to come and sing with us.

Manfield Warblers is £5.00 per session. Please let me know by email if you are planning on coming along so I can make sure we have a socially distanced space for everyone.

I'm a singing coach, so in my choirs we always do fun a warm up and warm down to help keep your voice healthy and strong.


We'll use simple backing tracks, often recorded by me, and do some unaccompanied singing too. This means that we can be really flexible about what keys we sing in and the harmonies we do, and I can focus on helping you make a great sound.

Yellow and Black Global Response Enginee

Love to sing, or want to give it a go? Sing Happy! is my free, friendly Facebook group, and it's here to help you.


So whether you're a karaoke king or queen or just want some help getting started, come and join us for lots of singing fun!