Happy People

I make music with wonderful people.

Here's how some of them feel about learning with me.

Pauline, 'Boost Your Singing Confidence' course member


Sophia, Pianist, 13

"Rosie has been coaching me for the last 2 years and has helped me immensely with my piano and keyboard skills.

I can now read music and play complicated pieces that I could never do before."


"As with anything new I was nervous and self conscious to start with, however Rosie always starts off the sessions  with chatting and I getting to know you a little bit which helped calm my nerves.

Learning with Rosie is entirely at your own pace, and I would say to anyone thinking about it to give it a go.

I can honestly say after each session I have been energised and happy to be learning new skills and it has given me something to look forward to each week."

Janyne, Sophia's Mum

"Rosie is an excellent piano and keyboard tutor and I can't recommend her highly enough.

She is so enthusiastic and injects such energy into her lessons. Her knowledge of music is fabulous.

My daughter looks forward to her lessons. Rosie  always makes them structured and fun. Her confidence & piano skills have increased massively with Rosie."

Sue, 'Boost Your Singing Confidence' course member


"It’s lovely learning with you because you are very friendly yet very professional and don’t make me feel like my singing isn’t good enough.

The sessions make me more confident about my singing and it’s very helpful to pick up all the tips that help your breathing and your voice.

If anyone was thinking about joining I would say definitely do! They would enjoy it and  it’s nothing to be scared or nervous about."

Sam, Soul Band guitarist, 18

"Rosie’s passion for music is clearly shown through her fun and fulfilling music lessons.

She helped me develop more confidence in my ability to perform in a group and she always has a smile on her face."

Evie, Singer, 14

"Rosie is an inspiration to us all! She has taught me how to confidently sing and improved my skills so much. 

She notices all of the details in order for me to become a better singer, but also makes the lessons super fun and will always support you." 

Grenville, Trombone student and Choir member

“Rosie possesses the technical musicality and leadership skills to bring to a choir, including the fact that she is a fantastic singer.

She has the knowledge and practical experience of performance, and she communicates well to help you to understand.

Her enthusiasm, love of music and friendly approach put you at ease and whilst she is patient, she's not afraid to challenge you!

I recommend Rosie to all aspiring musicians."

image (1).jpg

It was great learning different techniques and gaining confidence in my own voice and to know that I can sing! I can't wait to be a part of a choir soon and to carry on singing."

I’ve had an amazing opportunity during lockdown and been able to have singing lessons with Rosie. 

I’ve always enjoyed singing, it gives me so much joy but I never knew whether I was any good.  Rosie took me right back to basics and even a song I thought I knew had so many different notes in.

Liz, 'Boost Your Singing Confidence' course member

Yellow and Black Global Response Enginee
Yellow and Black Global Response Enginee

"I absolutely loved the singing sessions with you.


I have had problems with my voice and breathing due to suffering from asthma and COPD. The singing greatly helped with these problems and your support and encouragement restored my confidence in my singing.

Margaret, 'Boost Your Singing Confidence' course member

I loved that we sang lots of different songs. It was very relaxed but at the same time I feel I learned lots. You are a wonderful teacher.

Above all it was so enjoyable it really helped lift my spirits during lockdown. I would recommend anyone to have a go at this."

Astley, 'Boost Your Singing Confidence' course member

"I have known Rosie for almost 10 years and her singing and music talents have always been a delight to hear. I myself love to sing and have sang in various choirs and performed solo. 


During the sessions, Rosie was so enthusiastic and complimentary about my singing that it gave me much needed confidence.

Rosie helped me to revisit my breathing, taught me how the singing vowels are different to the spoken, how to emphasise certain words to better tell the ‘story’ and most of all how to ENJOY my singing.


I can’t thank Rosie enough for the experience and the techniques that I learnt."

Yellow and Black Global Response Enginee
Yellow and Black Global Response Enginee