Happy People!

I make music with wonderful people.

Here's how some of them feel about me.

Sophia, Pianist, 13

"I really enjoy my lessons with Rosie as she is so supportive and encourages me all the time."

"Rosie has been coaching me for the last 2 years and has helped me immensely with my piano and keyboard skills."


"I can now read music and play complicated pieces that I could never do before."


Image by Siniz Kim

"My daughter looks forward to her lessons. Rosie  always makes them structured and fun."

Janyne, Parent

"Rosie is an excellent piano and keyboard tutor and I can't recommend her highly enough."

"She is so enthusiastic and injects such energy into her lessons. Her knowledge of music is fabulous."

"Her confidence & piano skills have increased massively with Rosie

Gordon and Sue Long, Music lovers

  "We attended a concert at St Mary's Church, Barnard Castle. Rosie took centre stage and started to sing - what a beautiful voice.

A truly talented singer."


Mr H, Choir member

“Rosie possesses the technical musicality and leadership skills to bring to a choir, including the fact that she is a fantastic singer.

The icing on the cake for me is that she makes it fun”.


Image by Calico Images

Dave, Musician  

"I saw Rosie performing at The Bowes Museum and was very impressed with her lovely voice and style.

As an ex-professional musician of 35 years standing, I have to say this lady has a bright future...worth a listen!"


Dave is the co-owner of my favourite takeaway: Sunitra's Genuine Delicious Thai Cuisine Yum!

Evie, Singer, 14

"Rosie is an inspiration to us all! She has taught me how to confidently sing and improved my skills so much. 

She notices all of the details in order for me to become a better singer, but also makes the lessons super fun and will always support you." 

Image by Jacqueline Munguía

You can learn one - to - one or with your band or choir!

Sam, 'Soul Band' lead guitarist, 18

"Rosie’s passion for music is clearly shown through her fun and fulfilling music lessons.

She helped me develop more confidence in my ability to perform in a group and she always has a smile on her face."

"I recommend Rosie to all aspiring


Grenville, Trombonist, 73



"Rosie's enthusiasm, love of music and friendly approach put you at ease and whilst she is patient, she's not afraid to challenge you!"

"Rosie has the knowledge and practical experience of performance, she communicates well to help you to understand what is required.

"Learning a musical instrument needs the right skill set in your teacher - Rosie has what it takes."

Image by Greg Nunes

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I live in the countryside - sometimes calls don't get through. If this happens to you please send me a text or email and I'll call you back soon- thank you!

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