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Summer Holiday Singing

Welcome new readers, and welcome back to those of you who've been here a while, I know it's quite a while since I've been here. It's no coincidence that my last blog was some time ago - it's fair to say that my first year as a coach and choir conductor has been quite the trip! So I've adjusted my timetable (hello 4 day week!) and I now have more time to give, and to help you love your voice.

You can look forward to books, courses and more free resources, more often (when I get back from my epic teacher holidays- hello Norway!) So here's a little something for your holidays, whether you're going to Barcelona or Bishop Auckland, these are some very fun songs to sing during your break.

We like the seaside on our holidays!

Singin' in the BATH! One of the projects I have really enjoyed this year is Singin in the BATH! Obviously I always like to sing in the bath, but this refers to Bishop Auckland Town Hall, (AKA the B.A.T.H.) This was a really fun family friendly singing session that I had the pleasure of hosting every month. Some of the songs that the young people suggested were a real surprise, and I learned some fantastic new songs. They liked Something Good, as sung by Bird and Bee, which is super catchy. They also loved The Three Craws, a traditional Scottish song introduced to me Michael, a member of our community choir The Shildon Railway Institute Singers. But the big favourite, that became our theme song, was the traditional song This Old Man. I like the video I've linked to because the old man gets a new set of wheels every time! At Singin' in the BATH we did a commando style roll on the floor every time we said 'rolling home' which was a lot of fun!

The brilliant stage facilities at BATH

As well as being fun, here are 7 benefits you get from singing this song: 1. Memory building (the song repeats a lot) 2. Counting (really good practice for kids) 3. Scales practice (the song moves between next door notes a lot) 4. Staccato (short) singing practice (the song is very bouncy) 5. Vocal agility (the song jumps between notes a lot) 6. Diction - singing words like 'knick knack paddy whack' really helps you pronounce consonants clarity 7. Exercise- if you do actions, this is a pretty good workout (commando rolls optional!) You get all those benefits from The Three Craws too, and most other nursery rhymes, hymns and Christmas Carols. So pick your favourites and sing along in the car this Summer- you'll get there a lot quicker!

I like a holiday on the ocean waves! If you'd like to talk about exploring your voice with me individually, get in touch for a chat and I'll be happy to help. I really appreciate you being here so if there are areas you'd like me to write about in the future, please just get in touch and let me know. For more easy and fun ways to enjoy your voice, sign up to my free enewsletter via my homepage and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy singing, and have a great Summer! Rosie x

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