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It's time to feel good singing.

 I'm here to help you feel good about your singing voice (even if you think you can't sing!) So why not download my free guide below, and get started with singing today!

Join our Community

Learning new things is much more fun when you've got some friends around you. In my free Facebook group, Feel Good Singing with Rosie  we support each other and enjoy singing for fun. I share easy tips to help you make the most of your voice

Feel Better

We all know that singing is good for you, with its natural mood boosting effects. But it can feel a bit (or a lot!) scary, especially if, like many people, you think that you can't sing.

The truth is that anyone can learn to enjoy singing, and experience the many health benefits that it brings. Yes, even you!

In my free resources above, I'm here to help you get started, so you can enjoy singing, have more fun and feel good about singing.

Whether you're a complete beginner, or you already sing in a choir, this is your chance to get to know the basics about how your voice works. I'll help you keep it healthy, and give you some easy tricks of the trade to help you make your best sound. 

I'm here to help.


In coaching sessions, I'll tell you the most useful things I've picked up on my travels, including how to breathe like a pro, how to warm up (and down) quickly and easily, and generally how to make a nice sound.

I can also help you with questions like:

- What voice type have I got? (otherwise known as 'where do I stand at choir'?!)

-How do I cope with nerves?

- How do I sing high notes?

- What if I'm terrible?! (you're not!)

And anything else you want to ask me about your voice. It's all very light hearted and relaxed, and don't worry if you're a bit nervous, everyone is!

Rosie was so enthusiastic and complimentary about my singing that it gave me much needed confidence. Rosie helped me to ENJOY my singing. I can’t thank Rosie enough for the experience. " Astley

 Is voice coaching for me? 

Coaching is for anyone who wants to dust off their singing voice, and take it out into the world.


Maybe you're in a choir, or want to join one, and you want some help to build your skills and confidence.

Maybe you're already be in a band, or use your voice professionally, and you want to know how to make the most of your voice, keep it healthy, and get some guidance from another pair of friendly ears.

That's great- I help people like you every day, and I can help you too!

 During your session, I can help you:

- Find your vocal range (how high and low you can currently sing comfortably)

- Explore your potential vocal range (this is probably bigger than you think)

-  Assess your breathing and show you how to make the most it

- Work on any vocal challenges you may have (most of us have some!)

- Understand where you might fit into a choir, if that's something you're interested in

I'll listen to your voice with some super simple singing exercises, and let you know what your next steps are  I can also help you with any other singing questions you have, and  listen to a song you've prepared if you'd like me to.

 Sessions can be online or in my studio in the famous Barnard Castle. 

 You can book your session at a mutually convenient time, please contact me and let me know when works for you.

 If you would like to purchase  as a gift, please let me know and I will send an ecard inviting them to book their session.

 Got questions? Great! Please send them over to me in a good old fashioned email and I'll be happy to answer them. You can also view my terms and FAQ's here.

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