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I'm a singer , multi- instrumentalist and coach with over 30 years performance experience as a musician in the UK & Europe. I like to focus on the lighter side of music and life, and am proud of the way I put my students at ease and help people feel good.

I've been coaching music at TCR Hub in Barnard Castle since 2017, and have a broad range of experience working as a coach in the UK and internationally.

About Me


I have a knack for making singing, playing the piano and reading music feel simple (because it is!) I'm passionate about helping people enjoy making music, because it helps us feel great. I love to sing, it makes me feel alive, and I see my voice as a gift.

I started singing and teaching professionally in my 30s after a career in corporate coaching and arts management. I started having my own singing lessons in my 30s, studying part time around my full time job- so I know what it's like to learn as an adult!

 You can learn more about my inspiration for starting my music business on my blog. Basically, I found helping people make music to be much more fun than working in an office, and as my good friend Lynn says "You've only got one life!"

I'm really enjoying writing a book about singing at the moment, featuring inspirational stories from my studio and my musical travels, alongside practical tips to help you sound and feel great. It will be released in Spring 2024.

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Feel Good Singing!

I'm here to help you feel good about your singing voice. For easy tips and inspiration straight to your inbox, sign up to receive my free email series below. 

For more musical fun and events, come and connect with me over on the socials 

Music for Mental Health

I know first hand that music changes our lives for the better, and it's my pleasure to share the brilliant health and happiness benefits of singing.

I'm happy to be neurodiverse (or as I call it, 'neurofabuous!') It's very helpful for making music, and lots of my students are neurodiverse too. 

As I said, I'm in the process of writing a book about singing, and a big part of it is the benefits it has for our mental health. 


Everyone is welcome in my studio. It's a gift to work with such a wide range of people, and one of the best things about coaching is I learn new things, and new music from my students all the time. 

Time Off

Relaxation is very important for good singing- so I take it very seriously! I love living in the North Yorkshire countryside with my partner Richard and our daft dog Bee, the pug cross rescue. We all enjoy road trips and walks by the seaside, usually with fish & chips and ice cream. We especially enjoy going out in Eric, our retro caravan.


Our mischievous pug, little Bee

To relax, I love listening to music on the radio (Radio 3 and Desert Island Discs are my favourites) whilst generally pottering about.


I love the simple pleasures in life- putting flowers in vases, watching birds in the garden, reading, and nothing makes me happier than having a good clearout (except perhaps discovering a new good charity shop where there is still vintage treasure to be found!) 


 Whilst I don't often attempt it during my upside down week (singing is generally an afternoon/evening thing), at weekends I like to cook things that are simple and yummy. I'm the queen of poached eggs, and 'everything in the fridge soup/curry/chilli'  I rarely follow recipes and am not a fan of anything too complicated (I haven't turned the oven on since we bought the air fryer!)


I love watching films on the sofa with Rich and the dog, and I'm usually not very far away from a nice cup of tea . To keep me and my voice healthy, I like Pilates, swimming, and occasionally destroying weeds in the garden. 

I also love singing with my friends at choir. In my experience, there's not many situations that can't be improved, even just a little bit, by belting out some tunes and having a proper belly laugh. 

If you've often thought about joining a choir, and want to boost your confidence before you go, come and join us in my friendly Facebook group Feel Good Singing With Rosie

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