I'm a singer and multi- instrumentalist with over 30 years performance experience as a musician in the UK & Europe.

I've been coaching music at TCR Hub since 2017, and have a broad range of experience working as a coach in the UK and internationally.

About Me


It's my pleasure to share the brilliant health and happiness benefits of singing and making music with you!

If you're curious, you can learn more about how and why I started my music business on my blog.

Who I am

When you book coaching with me, come to one of my choirs, or hire me to sing at your event, I understand that it's personal. So here's a few things, people (and animals!) who are important to me so you know who you're working with.


I live in the North Yorkshire countryside with one or two daft dogs and a lovely man called Richard who deals in antique furniture.


We all enjoy road trips in the van and long(ish) walks, preferably by the seaside with some fish & chips and ice cream (and we all enjoy nice biscuits!)


My boys!

To relax, I love listening to music on the radio whilst I cook tasty things that aren't too much of a faff (I make a nice banana cake, and a mean roast potato!)

Unless I'm on stage or up a mountain, I'm usually not very far away from a mug of Earl Grey tea.

I also enjoy swimming, working out outdoors with my friends at Headlam Hall  and (very occasional) gardening. 


20210223_155415 (1).jpg

My favourite person of all time is my Grandad Eric. He's my hero.

My favourite composer is Ralph Vaughan Williams, he makes me glad to be alive. I think the opera singer Joyce DiDonato is completely awesome, and I could (and often do!) listen to Johnny Cash all day long.

I'm very happy to be autistic, it's extremely helpful for making music, and several of my students are on the autistic and dyslexic spectrums too.


Everyone is welcome in my studio and the choirs I lead. It's a gift to work with such a wide range of people, and I learn something new (usually lots of things!) every day.

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And last but not least, I wouldn't be here making music without my parents. My Dad took me to every music lesson, and my Mum packed me every meal I took with me.  I am so grateful to them, and to all the amazing parents who choose me to coach their children.

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you have a lovely day!