Music Just for You 

Commissioning a song for someone you love is a unique gift that brings lasting joy.

I write and arrange music for life's big moments, including weddings,  anniversaries and naming ceremonies.

Talk to me about what's important to you, and I'll help you create something wonderful.

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Say it Well 

My composition 'Love and Joy', written for a very special wedding

Songs can say anything, from 'Happy Anniversary' to 'Will you marry me?'

Tell me what you want to say, and I'll help you say it in a unique way.

I'll record your song and send the video and sheet music to you and your loved ones to keep and share.

I can also perform your original song live for you at your wedding or special event.

Let's work together! 

Do you have a creative project that could be enhanced with some original music? I can help you with that!


I enjoy writing for films, theatre, events & choirs.

I'm also an experienced coach, and love helping new songwriters and composers develop their work, including for their GSCE music portfolio.


Talk to me about your ideas and I'll help you create music you love!

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Music for Business


Do you have a new product, service or place that you want your customers to love?

Commissioning original music for your marketing videos helps your customers connect with your brand's unique voice. 

Tell me about your business and your goals, and I'll help you be music to your clients' ears!

Share Your Stories

I also perform and arrange music by other people, so if you have some music that you'd love to hear, please get in touch. 


I'm currently working on some songs written by a very talented man who has passed away. I'm honoured to be recording them for his family, who have never heard them before.

It's a secret for the moment- follow me on social media and visit my blog for updates on this and other exciting projects!

Give Something Good! 

All my musical services are available as gift vouchers, so if you're looking for a special gift for a singer or a music lover, I'll be happy to help you make them smile.