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Eat Chips and Prosper!

Updated: Jul 3

I hope you've enjoying the sunshine. 

I'm not a huge fan of the heat these days, so thank goodness our studio at TCR Hub is like a lovely air conditioned fridge! :) 

I did a singing workshop this weekend for a group of community volunteers. Together they deliver over 100 meals a week to families in County Durham and it felt so good to do something fun with people who give their time so generously.

We did some classic tunes: Doe a Deer, of course, a few gospel classics, and we finished off with the ultimate feel good song Hey Jude- all together now, "Nah nah nah nah nah nah!"



So we had a lovely time. Then one of the volunteers came to me afterwards and told me she had never sung before- can you imagine that? I can't. A life without singing - I think that would feel very odd indeed.

Thank goodness we met and she's now got the bug :) I am unapologetically infectious!


The group were so lovely, they even invited me to stay for fish and chips, which, being from the seaside is my favourite meal in the world ever. I, very uncharacteristically, declined as Richard was outside with the dog, who being a very black pug was very, very warm.

Bee the hot dog

When Richard and me got some fish and chips from another destination on our travels, the chips were soggy in the extreme. Other than possibly an overdone boiled egg (I'm with Nigella Lawson on that one), there is nothing more disappointing than a chip that looks like a slug. 

As someone with chip shops in the family (if you're in the Blackpool area, get yourself to Seniors!) I happen to think bad fish and chips should be illegal as a matter of national pride.

So that's a lesson for the future- if someone offers you fish and chips, just say yes!

Happy Singing!

Rosie x

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