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Enjoy Yourself (it's easier than you think)

We went on a little holiday this weekend up in Northumberland.

There were kingfishers by the river, bullfinches in the trees and burgers on the grill- it was idyllic.

Richard doesn't do early mornings at the weekend, so I found some time to walk the dog through the heather and have a sing in a sweet old church.

Bee was patient and non judgemental as always, that is until she verbally abused some ramblers who came in.

It was so nice to get away and just have some fun with my voice and explore the acoustic of the ancient stones. 

Then we had a nice cup of tea and a sandwich and read the paper in a sweet little cafe in the village. It was lovely.


So yes, do by all means do your tongue twisters and your breathing exercises, and have some coaching if you want a bit of company on your journey.

But the main thing is to enjoy it :)

Happy Singing!

Rosie x

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